Messaging App Development Cost Analysis of Developing an app like Telegram

The world has opted for digitalization and with the help of technologies, we have connected far better as ever before. Many online solutions have been introduced which have transformed our lives and allow us to connect with each other from anywhere in the world without any hassle. In this case, instant messaging applications like Telegram have turned into a boon for mid to large enterprises. Such apps are being popular worldwide and within no time without putting any extra effort the download rates of messaging apps have been raised in past years. In the present scenario, the Telegram and Whatsapp clones have created a high buzz for businesses and grabbed huge attention from the market.

This is the foremost reason that chat apps have become an ideal business model to invest in, and entrepreneurs are looking forward to the best app development company in Jaipur to know their estimated cost. If you want to thrive successfully in the market, this is the right time to invest in instant messaging apps. This blog will help entrepreneurs to understand the key points to consider while calculating the cost to develop an app.

Let’s start the tour and learn the factors that affect the cost of developing an app like Telegram.

What Do You Understand from A Messaging App Like Telegram?

Instant messaging apps like — Telegram puts their efforts into making communication easier, quicker, and cheaper for users. Its prime focus is to provide an opportunity for to users share messages or information in real-time by a simple internet connection. Alongside this, a chat app like telegram doesn’t rely on major external forces for storing data and messaging encryption.

Telegram is an app that has no age restrictions, easily accessible for all age groups. It offers multi-purpose options to users like — flexibility in chatting, downloading video directly in high-quality and video calling, etc. You can download Telegram from all major sources with its security aspects.

Therefore, developing an app like Telegram can be the best option for entrepreneurs during this lucrative time. However, to ensure the success of such messaging apps, you need to find out an app development company in Jaipur that is trustworthy and reliable.

Cost Evaluation of Messaging/ Chat Apps

Now, you know how a messaging app works — it’s time to step forward on another important aspect of the app development process — cost. There are a variety of aspects that influence the final prize of apps, i.e. design, features, number of supported operating systems, technology to use, etc. To get the answer to all these questions, you need to hire an app development company in Jaipur that offers the best services at affordable prices. However, the cost of chat apps starts from $50000 and exceeds $230,000 depends on the project size.

The below-mentioned table will assist you to estimate the cost of developing a messaging app like Telegram.

Development of the first app version (basic features)

Development of a medium app version (including more extra features and complex design)

Development of a complex app version (More complex features and designs)

The development cost of the app





-3 to — 5 months

- 4 to 9 months

9+ months (ongoing development & support)

Apart from this, numerous factors may also influence the final cost and timeline of app development, which are stated as under -

Technical complexity

The digital era has influenced everyone’s lives. When you hire an app development company in Jaipur to develop an app like Telegram, finances are highly dependent on tools & technologies used. As you know, creating a messaging app needs some third-party integrations like — XMPP server to make real-time communication, storing data and files for cloud storage and media files, web sockets, a server for sending push-notifications, etc. In fact, the tech stake you choose depends on the app’s functionality as well, issues it will be resolved, and the number of active users.

It is recommended to start the development process with the back-end by considering ready-to-go solutions, i.e. Firebase Cloud Messaging — which processes the message quickly and doesn’t need any overly intricate application.

Devices and Operating Systems

Is your app for desktop only? Or can also run on any mobile operating systems, like — Android or iOS? The answer to these questions will automatically impact the app development price. The most popular messaging apps like — Telegram starts on the mobile version to draw users’ interest and later ensue with desktop. Since developing a native application for each OS is quite expensive, it would be great to choose a multi-platform solution. It is more valid to launch a smoothly running draft version of your app, make an investment with it, capture users’ interest first and update the product according to market demand. Even with low-budget, you can easily find an app development company in Jaipur — which helps in developing a messaging app with your interest. Hence, keep it rational and don’t waste your money.

Geographical Locations

The app development cost also depends on the geographical location of the development company or developer. While evaluating the total cost of developing a messaging app, geographical locations play a vast role. For example — if you want to hire an app development company in Jaipur — the cost may vary in comparison to foreign countries like the US, Canada, Australia, etc. The main reason is labor intensive is vast in developed nations than in developing ones like India. Thus, entrepreneurs need to make proper research on the company before choosing them, analyze the market rates, and then hire the ones which give them more benefits.

App Size

The scale of your software also varies the functionality and features of your messaging apps, ultimately influencing its total development cost. If you’d like to include some additional features, then it will enhance the cost of your messaging apps. In this competitive era, businesses are trying to put extraordinary features and functions into their apps to achieve maximum customer satisfaction but it also varies the overall costs.

Although calculating the actual cost to develop an app is not possible, we only can assume the lump-sum amount that will be required to develop an app like Telegram.


Messaging apps like Telegram, on their way to becoming the most prominent apps in the mobile app development market. Soon, people will realize they should give priority to data privacy and let their work speak for them. All the key points associated with this blog, able to give a clear picture of how to continue the development process and signifies the estimated budget of project development. However, there is intense market competition, entrepreneurs need to be extra creative and think in unique ways while launching something in the market that gives them a new client-base and generates further sources of income. Still, new apps are appearing in the market and therefore develop the one that is worthy and cost-effective.

Originally published at on January 21, 2021.




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