10 Reasons Why Tech Companies Hire Blockchain Developers From India? (Posts by synarionit)

In recent years, Blockchain technology has created a high buzz not in the development but also in different business sectors. Undoubtedly, E-commerce in banking sectors is highly demanding for this technology to open the possibilities of their business.

The introduction of this technology was not proven so reliable, but later on due to its major tech benefits, it has marked its remarkable presence across the world. Before finding the expert, it is imperative to know about this highly demandable technology Blockchain and its hidden features-

Blockchain is based on the decentralized system It excludes third party interference This popular technology was launched with controversial Cryptocurrency — Bitcoin The entry with the Blockchain is irreversible, it can’t be changed or modified by any of the parties It is based on highly secure, reliable, and convenient aspects

The IT Services sector in India has been booming and is expected to hit $14.2 billion valuations by the end of next year at a growth rate of 6.8%. The stellar performance of the IT sector is what the government of India is banking on to realize its goal of $5 trillion GDP by 2024.

Blockchain is the must-have technology for your business but the major challenge is to find the expert, who can handle your project in a better way.

If you are also willing to hire blockchain developers and have no idea about how you can get skilled developers. Then let us help you in. In this article, you will learn about ten different reasons which prove that the Indian blockchain developers are the best.

Top Reasons To Hire Blockchain Developers From India

India is a powerful hub of skilled developers who performs exceptionally well in facilitating high-end programming and development services. Below mentioned are some reasons to hire blockchain developers from India.

1. Cost-Effective

When it comes to hiring a developer, the most important thing that comes to mind is the cost. Indian developers are the most cost-effective ones. If you hire an Indian developer, then you save up to 20 to 30% on your total budget compared to the developers from other locations.

Cost-effectiveness doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the quality of your project. It is because in India the cost of living is way cheaper than in other developed countries. This is the reason which makes Indian developers charge lesser amounts for the project.

2. High-end Quality

Along with cost, developers from India will also provide you with the high-end quality of your project. Do not think that you have to compromise with quality if you are hiring them by paying less. Also, Indian developers are the most demanded because of their several advantages, such as high-end quality and cost-effectiveness.

3. 24 x 7 Assistance

The time zone is different in India and other countries. But this time zone does not impact the service of these developers. All Indian developers are excited to serve their clients with full zeal and availability. They make communication and work seamlessly as they are comfortable working in odd working hours.

4. High Level of Expertise

When it comes to choosing a developer for the development of any website or app, Indian developers are the first choice. Working with a lot of clients over the globe gives them massive experience and makes them capable of solving tough tasks.

5. Transparency

Transparency is a major concern while hiring a developer for blockchain app development. Developers from India provide a great level of transparency. They keep every detail related to the project clear so that there are no clashes in the future regarding fees, delivery time, or anything else.

6. Dedicated developers

Along with high levels of transparency and cost-effectiveness, the developers from India are also work-oriented. And you can see it from the statistics which tell that around 1.5 million candidates graduated are in India from the engineering sector. That is why companies can find young, skilled, and experienced developers from India easily.

Also, you can check the status which shows that a major percentage of developers or experts who work in tech giant companies are from India.

7. English Speaking Developers

Language compatibility is also a significant problem that clients’ face while hiring an expert blockchain developer. In most countries, the developers only know their native language and struggle with English. But when it comes to Indian developers, they have far better communication skills.

According to a survey, after the USA, India is the second biggest nation that sparks English.

8. Diversity

Indian developers are highly diversified, and they can help you in every domain of software development. It doesn’t matter what the domain of software development is, they have expertise in all. Along with expertise in diverse fields, they are much more pocket friendly when compared to developers from other countries. Moreover, you will get a team of experts who excel in various domains of development. Ultimately, it will save your thousands of bucks and will deliver you satisfactory services.

9. Talented Professionals

Expertise is also a major reason which can’t be avoided while hiring a blockchain developer. Indian developers have that skillset and can deliver any software project according to your requirements. Also, they do not dig a hole in your pocket. Finding a developer with the right skill set is difficult in western countries, but in India, it is much easier than you think.

10. Affordable than Other Western Developers

In comparison to other western developers, Indian developers rank in the top five when it comes to affordability and skills. Also, you can find a developer from India at a much lower price than you can imagine. There are various reasons behind this low-cost nature, but eventually, you will get the best deal at less cost.

Bottom Line

Now, after reading this article, you might know all the reasons behind the popularity of Indian blockchain developers. They can help you provide a wide range of services that you are looking for.

By looking at the increased dependency on digital platforms and adaptability of the internet, the risk of foreign intrusion and data theft has been increased. These scenarios make it essential for you to include some modern technology like cryptocurrency and blockchain to intact your business from such activities.

Originally published at https://www.bloglovin.com on January 5, 2021.




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